George Cockerill


Workshop at UX Australia in Sydney

This August, I’m excited to be co-running a workshop with Mags Hanley on UX career development at UX Australia. We'll be providing a blueprint for developing UX professionals - focusing on three groups of skills; deepening technical skills, working with people, and business nous.

Each participant will develop their vision for their UX career, understanding where they are in their UX journey. They will create an actionable plan that will help them move into more senior roles in UX, including training, mentoring and coaching, and identifying projects to practice and strengthen skills.

1st May 2017

Speaking About the Experience Sampling Method

I'll be giving a case study talk on some experience sampling that I planned and ran late last year. I'm going to share how using the Experience Sampling Method gave rich insights into user needs for the feature ideation of a brand new mobile app at Deakin University.

As part of the research activities to inform the development of a smart assistant app for students, Experience Sampling quickly gave the product team useful and relevant data to help understand student needs, behaviours and pain-points in multiple contexts over time.

I will talk about my experience of planning, executing and analysing the results from an experience sampling study. With practical advice on how to run the study, tools and techniques, the key points you need to know and things to watch out for.

30th April 2017

UX Book Club for June: Hooked by Nir Eyal

We're starting to plan the next book club, coming up in June. The next one is about engagement, behaviour and user psychology. We'll be discussing Hooked - How to Build Habit Forming Products by Nir Eyal.

It's a very interesting and ideas-packed book. I'm looking forward to the discussions for sure.

24th April 2017